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1 Gram Gold Bangles

Welcome to Urvaa, your ultimate destination for fine jewellery, including stunning one gram gold bangles. One gram gold bangles, also known as 1 gram gold jewellery bangles, offer a perfect blend of affordability and elegance. Carefully designed to resemble the beauty of traditional gold bangles, these pieces are popular with jewelery enthusiasts. At Urvaa, we pride ourselves on curating a diverse collection of one gram gold bangles designs, ensuring there’s something for everyone.

Our bangles collections are available in 4 sizes like 2.4, 2.6, and 2.8 and 2.10, you can choose the best size and buy the bangles based on the look of the saree. Express your unique style by adding this bangles to our stunning collection of one gram gold earrings.

Types of Bangles for Every Occasion

Whether you’re attending a grand wedding, celebrating or just adding a little glamor to your everyday outfit, our collection of one gram gold bangles has you covered. Find some designs from classic to contemporary to complement any occasion. Our one-gram gold bangles with stones add a sparkling touch to your ensemble, while our elaborate pieces satisfy the timeless charm.

History and Evolution of Bangles

For centuries, women’s wrists have been adorned with bangles, which symbolizes tradition, culture and beauty. The evolution of bangles traces back to ancient civilizations, where they were made of various materials such as gold, silver and glass. Over time, bangles have transcended cultural boundaries, becoming a universal symbol of femininity and grace.

Cultural Significance of Bangles Around the World

In many cultures, bangles have a deeper meaning beyond aesthetics. They symbolize prosperity, marital status, and even spiritual beliefs. From the elaborate bridal bangles of India to the delicate glass bangles of Middle Eastern traditions, each style carries its own cultural narrative.

Bangle Designs Collection

Our collection of one gram gold bangles boasts designs to cater to a variety of choice and preferences. Whether you prefer traditional motifs or contemporary patterns, we have the perfect piece to complement your style. Browse our one-gram gold stone bangles for a little more sophistication or opt for stylish and minimally casual outfits for everyday wear.

White Stone Bangles

Elevate your beauty with our elegant White Stone Bangles. This bangles are adorned with sparkling white stones to give any outfit a sophisticated look. Perfect for both casual and formal occasions, they add a timeless charm to your jewellery collection.

CZ White Stone Bangles

Our CZ White Stone Bangles are a perfect blend of style and sparkle. These bangles exude a dazzling brilliance that captivates the eye. Ideal for special events or as a statement piece, they offer a luxurious look without the high price. Explore the collection at CZ White Stone Bangles.

Bangles for Special Occasions

At Urvaa, we understand the importance of special occasions and offer a selection of one-of-a-kind gold bangles to elevate your celebrations.

  • Bridal Bangles: Our collection of bridal bangles features elegant designs that symbolize the enduring relationship of love and commitment. Decorate your wristband on your special day with our wonderfully designed pieces.
  • Festival Bangles: Adding Festive Flair to Your Outfit Make a statement during festive celebrations with our vibrant festival bangles. Each piece is crafted to add a touch of glamour and elegance to your traditional outfit.
  • Party Bangles: Glamorous Accessories for Night Outs Complete your party look with our glamorous party bangles. From bold and chunky designs to delicate and dazzling styles, our collection provides the perfect accessory for any party outfit.

Care and Maintenance of Bangles

Following a proper care and maintenance routine is essential to ensure the longevity of your one-gram gold bangles.

  • Cleaning Tips for Different Bangle Materials : Gently clean your bangle with a soft cloth and mild detergent, taking care to remove any dirt or residue. Avoid harsh chemicals that can damage the delicate finish of your jewellery.
  • Storing Bangles to Prevent Tarnishing and Damage : Place the bangles away from direct sunlight and moisture and store your bangles in a clean, dry place . Consider using a jewellery box with individual compartments to avoid scratches.


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